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Lost Worlds by Lupus-deus-est Lost Worlds by Lupus-deus-est
A long, long time ago, I joined dA. I thought my (terrible) pen drawings were quite good back then. I joined because I thought them good (golly, has my opinion changed!). I got a bit depressed after seeing all the true talent on here, and didn't return to dA until March 24, 2009.
In March 2009, I randomly remembered the site (I believe it was because I was showing a friend where to download *mimi-na's (superb) Doctor Who wallpapers) and either through the Random Dev, the front page, or through some random's faves, I found this by ~justravelin. I was OMG... and it made me research until I found a native fractal program for Macs (Oxidizer).
Ultimately, it was =HardToName that gave me the boot up the backside I needed to get producing decent fractals using a non-native program (Apophysis, of course, albeit the Mac hack) and it is thanks to both him and :idevjustravelin: (with aid from Tsukino, whose full username I can never recall, but the tutes are in my Apo tutes collection, y'all) that I am at this stage in development.
At the moment I do not feel I have reached my full potential in fractalia (of course). One day - hopefully soon! - I hope to be as brilliant as the amazing :devlove-1008: in the style I am currently exploring, and from there to explore the more abstract forms of Apowork that ^FarDareisMai and similar create. I'd also love to explore UltraFractal and other fractal generating software, but that will have to wait until I find a cheap (preferably free) cd of XP or Windows 7 so I can have something to put on the Windows partition of my computer.
This piece is therefore dedicated to both ~justravelin and =HardToName, in gratitude for the massive aid they have given me. Thank you so very, very much, you guys...
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April 14, 2010
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